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Spain is a great country and has a lot of great things about it. It is also no doubt one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing holiday whether you go by yourself, or with friends and family. There are many great places that you should not miss out, when you’re enjoying your vacation in Spain. Apart from visiting places, there are many other things that you can do in Spain to enjoy that much anticipated vacation. However, if you are not yet aware of what they are, then here is a holiday guide to brief you about all.

What to do In Spain

Spain is a diverse country with many great cities of which some of them are popular tourist hotspots. Whether you crave for a time on the beach, an adventure with history, or to enjoy a different form of nightlife, then Spain has it all. What you should try doing in Spain is enjoying the history it boasts. Spain has numerous historical and world heritage sights that you may want to go to seeing that Spain has a very rich history, once even becoming the most powerful empire in the world. If what you crave for is an adventure, Spain also has a wide range of terrain such as lush meadows, snowy mountains, huge marshes, or even deserts if you prefer. Seeking nightlife is the easiest thing to do as hotspots such as Madrid or Barcelona would definitely have them. You may also want to shop while you’re in Spain seeing that Spain is known to house some of the world’s most renowned designer brands.

What to See

Never waste your time when you are vacationing in Spain. Wherever you are in Spain, there are always places to see near you. Spain has a lot of historic sites as well as world heritage sites ranking second-largest in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, second only to Italy. If you’re done enjoying the vibrant lifestyle, then it’s time to get around. Try going to the popular heritage sites in Spain and it is recommended that you do visit Madrid where there are fantastic museums and great architecture.

If what you enjoy the beaches and modern side of Spain, then Barcelona is the place for you. Then Granada is a stunning city in the south which is surrounded by the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada where you can enjoy hiking. There are indeed a lot of things that you can see all over Spain and one guide is never enough to tell you all of them. Though these may just seem few, these places still guarantee that they’ll give you an enjoying and exciting vacation holiday.

Events That You Should Not Miss

Spain hosts numerous events ranging from cultural ones to sporting events most importantly, soccer matches. Nevertheless, the standard events that occur in Spain are often held from April to May mostly related to Catholic holidays. Try going there during fiestas such as the Fiesta de San Isidro during May 15 which is held in Madrid to celebrate its patron saint. Holy week is probably the most important event that you may want to see in Spain. In addition to these, there are also carnivals that are best in Cadiz, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and many more events.

Shopping and Nightlife

Spain boasts the fact that it can grant you a great shopping experience. Did you know that a lot of the world’s leading fashion designer brands are based in Spain specifically in Barcelona? Well, if you’re looking to buy some fashion items such as clothing or shoes, then it is highly recommended that you shop in Barcelona where most of the big stores are. There you will find a wide range of selections that you can choose from. Spain also has a very interesting nightlife as it has a lot of nightclubs and bars mostly found in the big cities. Again, the city which is known for the best nightlife is once again, Barcelona. Since Barcelona is considered to be where the modern Spain can truly be seen, there’s no doubt nightclubs and bars can be found almost everywhere.


Spain has a very diverse weather and climate due to the different terrain it has. These two mainly depends on your location. The climate is divided into four different zones namely the Atlantic, Continental Mediterranean, Mediterranean, and Subtropical. Here are the standard temperatures for each of them:

  • Atlantic: 9 Degrees Celsius (Winter); 18 Degrees Celsius (Summer)
  • Continental Mediterranean: -15 Degrees Celsius(Winter); -24 Degrees Celsius (Summer)
  • Mediterranean: 11 Degrees Celsius (Winter); 23 Degrees Celsius (Summer)
  • Subtropical Climate: 14 Degrees Celsius (Winter); 22 Degrees Celsius (Summer)

These should briefly guide you during your holiday in Spain. Just remember to always be safe and search out for more information based on your interest and purpose of holiday.


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