Most Familiar Lottery Games Of Singapore

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The government of singapore has many strict laws over many online games, if the online club is running illegally. The law has some restrictions like, the entry to the gaming centers are prohibited to the children of the age below 18 years. Imposing the strict rules doesn’t mean that playing the lottery is illegal, instead it is a great way to have fun for those who loves to play games as an entertaining activity. But it shouldn’t be an addiction.

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Most Played lottery games of Singapore are Toto, Sweep and 4D.

Toto – This lottery games was introduced in the year of 1968 and it is termed as one of the oldest lottery games. Till now toto has not lost its popularity and people are still playing the game with a craze. The purpose of introducing toto is to avoid the illegal lottery games. Each day there will be a draw and people are so excited to view the draw results and the lucky players will receive the respective draw amount. Many websites are providing the real time draw results as soon as the number is picked and hence no need of watching the TV for draw results. The websites like are compatible with all the cellphones, which allows all the users to play online lottery games.

Singapore Sweep – This is another popular lottery game played in Singapore by many gamers. Singapore pools is the best online website to play this game legally. In order to Singapore Sweep, you should by a ticket at 3 SGD each. Usually an availability of tickets will be 3.5 million tickets for sale. You should draw this ticket on every first Wednesday of each month at 6 PM. You can check the results using Singapore pools website easily.

4D– In this 4D Game, you have to purchase a 4-digit number selected from 0000 to 9999 for the Relevant Draw. Now this correct matching of the 4-digit number selected with any one or more of the winning 4-digit numbers drawn or adopted by the Company under and in accordance with the rules will provide you the result and you will get prize money if your chosen number is same as the company result.

Singapore is ranked has second largest lottery site in the world. Singaporeans are keen towards lottery games and many of the games which are legal are supporting the playing activities of the people and the people treat these games as a kind of recreational sports.


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Most Familiar Lottery Games Of Singapore