What To Look For When Purchasing An Anti-Theft Backpack?

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An Anti theft bags for travel, are basically backpacks that have various built in features to help protect your personal belongings as well as your electronic information. When travelling the last thing you want to be concerned about is whether or not your belongings are going to be stolen. Having one of the anti theft backpack options goes a long way to give you peace of mind during your trip.

Let us discuss some features to be considered while buying an anti-theft backpack:


Secret Pockets: Most of the anti-theft backpacks have hidden compartments present either internally or outside of your backpack. This is to provide you an additional protection from thieves.

RFID Protection: Bank cards, passports and government-issued identity cards will be your most important possessions. Whenever you carry these things, make sure you are using an anti-theft backpack with RFID protecting Holders.

Lock: Some of the anti-theft backpacks come with a feature of lockable zippers.

Slash-Proof Construction: Most of the anti-theft backpacks are made with super durable fabric to avoid thieves who use knives to slash open backpacks to physically steal your items.

YKK zippers: Check for good quality zippers available in your backpack. YKK is high quality zipper made in Japan, hence provides security.

Water-Proof: A water-proof anti-theft backpack protect your items form rainy weather or accidental spillages.


A top anti theft backpack come in all different sizes and most of you think like smaller backpacks are better to keep your things safe. But even larger backpacks have got many inner and outer hidden compartments to keep your things safe from thieves. Depending on your use, tell the size of a backpack and get your well-suited backpack.


An anti-theft backpacks got hidden compartments. They attached inside or outside of your backpack. Internal compartments are important not just to keep your things safe, but to keep them organized to. In case you are carrying laptop with you for journey, check the laptop size and get your backpack accordingly.

Straps and Handles:

The main things to check at straps are padding, breathable fabric, adjustable and can be placed in suitcase handle while you are traveling overseas. Carry handles also aid in putting your back in overhead plane lockers as well as on buses.

The above things need to be considered while purchasing an anti-theft backpack.


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