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How You Can Find Lost Phone


Oh man, finally you lost it. Its not the hangover which is killing me but phone which I am not able to find anywhere. By any chance you left it in pub or inside car, somewhere inside gutter? Who knows! There’s many application which help, so don’t panic. If you lose your phone then here is the way to find it. 

Although there is no guarantee that you will regain your phone, you will be in best place to get what you missed with these tips and apps. These applications gives you guarantee that no one will be able to access your data. 

Device Manager for Android 

It doesn’t matter where you have lost the phone it might be couch of or in Tahiti, Google’s newly launched Android Device Manager (ADM) this provide most of the option to detect your lost phone. Even iOS Find My iPhone app, ADM allow users to find, monitor, ping, and wipe their device remotely, all through web browser, if appropriate. 

Even if it’s set to silent or vibrate, the special feature of this will give ring with full volume. With the help of ADM you can find the location of the phone anywhere from the world, within 23-meter radius, if you think you’ve dropped it somewhere outside your immediate vicinity. And ADM enables you remotely delete the contents of the system if you notice that you can’t restore or recover the phone. Plus, it’s totally free and is possibly already mounted. 

A single shortcoming? But the ADM will not let you remotely lock the phone. Your only choices is that giving ring and protecting data. 

I’m not able to find my phone any where 

Not every missing phone situation needs a full application attack to fix. In the new browser, visit, In text area enter you mobile number, and your mobile will automatically give ring. Only hope that you have not left your phone in the silent mode. 

However useful any applications are you will get succeeded before you lose your cell phone at first place

Connect people: Place your contact details o

n your easily accessible phone somewhere if you keep the Email address on the backside of the phone or on the lockscreen then someone who will find the phone will have the way to contact you, this boost the chance of getting the phone back. 

Using drunk phone: Do you have old phone lying around? Will you have a buddy about to trench theirs for upgrade? Then don’t throw yourself out. Instead, you should keep it with you for nights, when you are more, er, prepared to miss your phone & insert the SIM into the beater from device that you care. This way, friends of your will be able to reach you on crazy nights, and it will not be much hassle to lose it.