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Proven Benefits Of Hiring A Web Design Company

Proven Benefits Of Hiring A Web Design Company

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You have to agree to the fact that ...

Singapore – Perfect Blend Of Culture And Modernization

Singapore – Perfect Blend Of Culture And Modernization

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Most Familiar Lottery Games Of Singapore

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A Note On Singapore City And Its Attractions

A Note On Singapore City And Its Attractions

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Proven Benefits Of Hiring A Web Design Company

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You have to agree to the fact that hiring an offshore web development company is not a practicable suggestion for different business owners but there are certain benefits associated with them as well. Outsourcing is not a new concept, as many people aware about it due to its popularity gained in the recent years. Here will see some advantages of outsourcing projects to a web design company in offshore location.

Cost Effective:

The first and foremost benefit of hiring a web design company is cost. There is a misconception that outsourcing your work may lead to spending more money. This is not actually true. But quite contrast to this, outsourcing will result in helping you to save money but with best output.  An offshore website development company will help you in reducing your expenses and needless costs of manpower and equipment.

Makes You Focus on your own Business Processes and Strategies:

You don’t have to worry about your website and its functionality, as your chosen web design company will take care of this. When you share the website design and development work to other companies, you will have better time to concentrate on your business plans and operations.

Access to Professionals and Contemporary manpower:

Outsourcing web design projects to an offshore destination will give an idea and knowledge to you about the pool of technical hands and imaginative designers. Since they are loaded with advance technology and flourishing resources, they will meet the needs to the exploding demand for creative web services, businesses require today. Offshore companies will follow different and comprehensive approach to design your business website and they are even skilled to handle even complex projects.

At the end, you can say like doubting a potential of a good company is not a good sign. You have to trust such professionals web design companies like and see the massive developments in web developing industry. Thus, in order to design your business website, you can make use of the web design service and grab the great web opportunities that are having in store for you.



Singapore – Perfect Blend Of Culture And Modernization

Singapore being one of the smallest Asian continent, it is recognized as friendly travel destination in the world. The country attracts the visitors with its captivating features and the major attraction is its diverse culture. The city has many skyscrapers, sandy beaches, high rise towers and even in the midst of modernization country is still following the traditions and hence the country is rich in culture and history. The city is clean and adopted fascinating Greek architecture for high rise towers which is giving charming grace to the city.

This country is a dream destination for all kind of travelers like Backpackers, family tourists, Honeymooners etc. It is a shopping paradise for many shopaholics and most of the people from different parts of the world visit the place for shopping purposes. The shopping complexes and the ‘n’ number of attractive cuisines increases the grace of the city.

Singapore is a hub of attractions and if you ask any local people about the tourist destinations, they will guide you in a better way. The country has all kind of destinations which matches all profiles of travelers. It has abundance of natural attractions, destinations with adventurous activities, heritage centers, accommodation facilities with world class amenities and many other entertaining activities like which are legal in Singapore.

Sentosa island, Singapore Zoo, Chinese park, Botanical garden, Underwater world, universal studios and many more destinations attracts the visitors with its own charismatic features. Ride in Singapore flyer is one of the best experience for tourists, it is of height of 450 meters and when it goes up, the entire view of Singapore can be enjoyed from flyer. Visiting the colonial districts of Singapore such as china town, little India and Arab quarters adds more fun and delight to the Singapore travel.

PinitSingapore Excitement

Food is a national obsession of Singaporeans and the city has plethora of cuisines and restaurants to street food courts, which serves mouthwatering dishes to the people. Dining experiences of Hawker food court is unforgettable, and it is must when you visit Singapore. These food courts serves quality and tasty food to the people for reasonable prices. Since in the city there are no issues with cleanliness, hawker centers are also one among the famous dining avenues of Singapore.

The country has everything for travelers and it never dissatisfies the tourists in any means. It is a safest place for visitors which imparts hassle free trip of Singapore.



Most Familiar Lottery Games Of Singapore

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The government of singapore has many strict laws over many online games, if the online club is running illegally. The law has some restrictions like, the entry to the gaming centers are prohibited to the children of the age below 18 years. Imposing the strict rules doesn’t mean that playing the lottery is illegal, instead it is a great way to have fun for those who loves to play games as an entertaining activity. But it shouldn’t be an addiction.

Pinitodds of winning lottery Singapore
Most Played lottery games of Singapore are Toto, Sweep and 4D.

Toto – This lottery games was introduced in the year of 1968 and it is termed as one of the oldest lottery games. Till now toto has not lost its popularity and people are still playing the game with a craze. The purpose of introducing toto is to avoid the illegal lottery games. Each day there will be a draw and people are so excited to view the draw results and the lucky players will receive the respective draw amount. Many websites are providing the real time draw results as soon as the number is picked and hence no need of watching the TV for draw results. The websites like are compatible with all the cellphones, which allows all the users to play online lottery games.

Singapore Sweep – This is another popular lottery game played in Singapore by many gamers. Singapore pools is the best online website to play this game legally. In order to Singapore Sweep, you should by a ticket at 3 SGD each. Usually an availability of tickets will be 3.5 million tickets for sale. You should draw this ticket on every first Wednesday of each month at 6 PM. You can check the results using Singapore pools website easily.

4D– In this 4D Game, you have to purchase a 4-digit number selected from 0000 to 9999 for the Relevant Draw. Now this correct matching of the 4-digit number selected with any one or more of the winning 4-digit numbers drawn or adopted by the Company under and in accordance with the rules will provide you the result and you will get prize money if your chosen number is same as the company result.

Singapore is ranked has second largest lottery site in the world. Singaporeans are keen towards lottery games and many of the games which are legal are supporting the playing activities of the people and the people treat these games as a kind of recreational sports.


A Note On Singapore City And Its Attractions

Singapore is one of the attractive tourist destination among all the asian countries. It is a small island covered by many tropical forests and lush green and is the best place for nature lovers. Even the country uses the advanced technologies and it is getting so modernized, but the people never fail to follow the old traditions and that is the beauty of Singaporeans. The country is a perfect blend of Indian, Malay and Chinese culture and people are balancing it so well.

PinitScintillating Singapore
The city has many attractions like shopping, vibrant night life and fantastic restaurants which offers the best dining experiences. Even though the country have less landscape, the population is exceeding more than 5 million and hence it is regarded as the country with dense population. It is also called as garden city, because the city is completely covered by greenery and it has many natural parks, nature reserves and wild life sanctuaries.

The city has many attractive buildings constructed with beautiful architecture and it gives an eye catching view. The city is very clean as the people give more importance to cleanliness. The city is not only clean and modernized but it’s also a safest place for the foreign visitors. The main attractions of the city are shopping complexes, historical places or colonial districts and roof top restaurants.

The city has many colonial districts like, china town and little india. In china town we can find many Chinese heritage centers and the local culture of Chinese people. Little India is located in the northern part of the city and it represents the rich Indian culture and traditions. Bugis and Kampong are the oldest cities of Singapore, where most of the Malay people can be found.

The north-east part of the city is regarded as the residential area and also many industries are present in this region. Most of the Malay people are living in coastal regions like Changi airport and Geylang Serai. There are many island resorts in singapore like Sentosa and it is a hub of many attractions like universal studio, Tanjong Beach club, Water park and online betting singapore.

The zoo is the main attraction of the singapore travel. The designing of the zoo, the authorities have adopted the concept of open habitat and if you go inside the zoo you will feel like you are walking in a tropical forests. Altogether we can say, Travel to singapore will give the best experiences and it is a best place to hangout with family and friends.


Singapore Attracts Many Travelers

Singapore is an exotic island with many tourist attractions. Travelers from all over the world love to visit Singapore, as there are many things to explore and admire the beauty of all. This beautiful island is integrated with lot of things such as wonderful shopping malls, towering skyscrapers, beaches, theme parks and beautiful gardens.

Most of the tourists call this city as “Garden City” or “Clean City”. This is a highly securely city out of robbers and cheaters. You will enjoy a lot with your family members and, it is one of the best places to visit with your family members. You will enjoy the multi-cuisine delicious foods. Shopping was also marvelous in Singapore.

There are many reasons that Singapore attracts many tourists. Singapore is a calm and cool city and travelers don’t have to feel fear or inconvenient of traveling around the city alone or with family members, as the city is well-organized and well-developed country in the South East Asia.  Let us see some wonderful tourist spots to visit in the city:

The Orchard Road:

PinitSingapore Travekl Guide
Orchard Road is famous for shopping malls and branded clothes. You can see some biggest shopping malls of Singapore here. It is the hub to buy all kind of shopping varieties such as clothes, textiles, shoes, electronic goods, furniture, decorating items, ornaments etc. Another exciting feature about orchard road is games. Details about the games given clearly in the website Visit this website if you are wonderful player and love to Singapore famous games. Thus, Orchard road is filled with a lot of entertainment.

Jurong Bird Park:

This theme park is actually a bird gallery. If you are a bird researcher or bird lover, then this is the ideal place for you to visit. The bird park has more than 8000 birds of around 600 different species. This park has a beautiful landscape with the tallest man-made waterfalls providing spectacular view to your eyes.


Sentosa is one of the famous tourist destinations of Singapore where most of the tourists will visit the fabulous island to enjoy the sight of beautiful sea shores. There is stunning Underwater world present in Sentosa. Travelers need to visit underwater world in order to explore the captivating marine life and the place will provide you an endless enjoyment.

Night Safari:

Night safari in Singapore takes you to the jungle to show the nocturnal species roaming in the “moonlight” light illumination. You will be taken in a tram ride to show all those species closely and, you can enjoy the four different trails provided by Night Safari. Therefore, Singapore is an ultimate tourist destination that entertains all kind of travelers.


Experience The Uniqueness Of Malaysia

There are so many amazing places to visit in this world, Malaysia is one among them in fact we can say that Malaysia is considered as one of the top travel destination for many tourists. Malaysia is packed with many beautiful places that even a month wouldn’t be enough to cover all those places. The best thing about this country is that people of different communities stay here peacefully without facing any racial problems. Malaysia is a blend old architecture and new buildings. One can easily witness many old forts and buildings around Malaysia. The country is a home for World’s tallest Twin towers, located at the capital city of Malaysia.

Pinithow to travel malaysia malaysia-travel-guide
Malaysia is unique from its neighboring countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. Malaysia is a multiracial country, the population here are mainly Malays, Chinese and Indian. They all possess their own customs and traditions. Having this as an advantage the country will be filled with colors during various festivals. These festivals will represent a sense of identity for Malaysians.

Malaysia is much focused on promoting their tourism because tourism is identified as the major reason for collecting a huge amount of revenue from foreign exchange. To attract tourist from worldwide, Malaysian government has undertaken many measures like constructing few resorts with various attractions. Genting Highland is a place filled with many amazing facilities like resort, hotels, Theme parks, strawberry farms and butterfly and reptile sanctuary. Genting Highland Resort is one of the famous luxurious resort in Malaysia. The resort is famous for its gaming facility provided, it is the major reason why people from all over the globe visit here in enormous number. Games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack and Ponton are popular and most liked by the visitors. Many online games are introduced by the resort, those games are only accessible by those who are from overseas. is one such popular internet game available.

It is best to visit this beautiful country during special events, which enables to explore more about history and traditions of the country. Malaysia will not disappoint anyone during their trip, it has something to present for everyone.


Kegel Exercise – Best Treatment For Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence:

Urinary Incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine and it is a common problem affecting millions of people. Urinary incontinence can usually be diagnosed after a consultation with your family doctor, who will ask about your symptoms and may carry out a pelvic examination.

There are several types of urinary incontinence including:

Pinitkegel exercise for lower back pain
Stress Incontinence – Whenever your bladder is under pressure, you will feel like urinating immediately. For example, when you cough or laugh or lift heavy weight etc.

Urge Incontinence – When you feel getting urine, all of a sudden you will pass urine or intense urge to pass urine.

Overflow Incontinence – Sometimes you can’t able to empty your bladder full, which in turn makes you to pass urine frequently. This is also known as urinary retention.

Total Incontinence – When your bladder can’t able to store urine which makes you to pass urine frequently or you will have frequent leaking.

Causes Of Urinary Incontinence:

Stress Incontinence is caused due to the result of weakened and damaged pelvic floor muscles and urethral sphincter. Urge Incontinence is the result of overactivity of the detrusor muscles. Overflow incontinence is often result of an obstruction or blockage to your bladder, which prevents it emptying fully. Total incontinence may be caused by a problem with the bladder from birth, a spinal injury, or a bladder fistula.

Some other factors that increase the causes of urinary incontinence are:

  • pregnancy and vaginal birth
  • obesity
  • a family history of incontinence
  • aging

Pinitkegel exercise for cesarean
Treating Urinary Incontinence:

When you consult your GP, the first treatment they will suggest you is pelvic floor exercises. These are also known as Kegel exercises, which involve contraction and expansion of pelvic floor muscles. The way to do kegel exercises will be taught by your physician.

To do Kegel exercises, you just squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. The part of your body including your hip bones is the pelvic area. Kegel exercises are designed to make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. These are the muscles that hold up your bladder and help keep it from leaking. Building up your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises can help with your bladder control.

Some people tend to use kegel exercisers to make their pelvic muscles strong. People mostly buy these kegel tools through webshop. You will get almost same result of doing kegel exercise and hence, you can control and avoid urinary incontinence with kegel exercises and kegel tools.


Increase Passion with Natural Aphrodisiacs

We all know that nature has provided us with wide range of natural aphrodisiacs that may be in the form of plants, nuts, spices, minerals, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Even the cocoa bean is known to be a strong passion stimulator. Many of these ingredients contain various medicinal values too and this is known and practiced from ages. It is believed as the name aphrodisiac is derived from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

Natural aphrodisiacs increase passion drive. The passion can reduce in men or women at any point of time, especially after 35 years of age. This may be due to several reasons like stress due to busy life or due to hormonal changes in the body. A higher percentage of women encounter low libido during menopause. Day to day chores of life such as office stress and pressure, fatigue, illness, low immunity. finance and many times kids begin to take a toll over the importance of passion leaving one with low intimacy with their partner.

Using a natural aphrodisiac supplement, most recommended being the Spanish Fly drop is known to increase the sensual drive and help counter attack the hassles that seem to get in the way such as stress. A good sensual stimulating formula will act on many of the factors that cause low passion drive such as mental alertness, good blood circulation, energy, stress and fatigue and sensual function. Specific ingredients that are made of herbs such as Spanish Fly assist the passion drive and extracts of ginseng and guarana help fight stress and fatigue and boost energy and stamina. For more information on how Spanish Fly works, check my recent post here . This will give one an idea how the ingredients in Spanish fly help sustain sensual act for longer time and attain satisfaction.

Oyesters and some shell fish are said to have a compound that relaxes the sensual hormones. A fresh bunch of asparagus is rich source of fibre, potassium, folic acid and vitamins A, B and C that help boost hormone production which is necessary in erotic act’s climax.

For dessert, chocolate would be the best option as they are rich in endorphine that helps to regulate the production and growth of sensual hormones.

Natural supplements increase blood flow to the sensual regions of the body and increase sensitivity. They also help strengthen reproductive system in women and boost fertility.


Best Cuisines Not To Miss In Singapore

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Singapore is the smallest city located in South-East Asia, which is a strategic location and hub for people of various South Asian countries to settle and make the country their home. Because, every year the country allowing many number of immigrants which results in a distinct culture. You will experience when you make a trip. You will also enjoy the different cuisine style of Singapore. Let us see some cuisines of Singapore:

PinitSingapore Best place to live a life

Singapore cuisine:

Food in Singapore is marked with a lot of controversies and contradictions. The local cuisine id defined by how it is assembled into something unique.

Hainenese Chicken Rice:

It is known as the national dish in Singapore, but has its origin in Hainan, China. The meal is made from Kampong chicken, which basically refers to chicken reared the traditional way without hormones.

Red Bean Ice:

It is a drink taken as dessert during Summer. The ingredients include light rock sugar syrup, adzuki beans, evaporated milk, which is then topped with ice cream to make the red bean ice cream dessert.

Fried Durian:

Durian is a strong flavored fruit that is fried to remove such strong odor. The fruit is rolled into a rice paper and deep fried at very high temperatures to give it a very sweet taste.

Kaya Toast:

It is a kind of snack prepared from coconut jam (kaya), coconut milk, eggs, butter with topping of sugar. Kaya is served on toast for breakfast but is also very popular as it is served along with tea or coffee in most of the homes.

Fried Carrot Cake:

This is prepared using eggs, white radish flour cake and preserved radish. This dish is famous in Malaysia too, but the difference they include the black version which has sweet sauce (molasses) added.

Clarke Quay:

This is a place filled with beautiful restaurants and restaurants serving different cuisine styles. Its surrounding Riverside area are an excellent choice for dining by the edge of the waters any time of the day. Once done with your delicious meal, cruise the Singapore River, especially at night, for more splendor.

Whenever after visiting restaurants or other tourist places of Singapore, you felt bored means play online betting Singapore to enjoy your leisure time.

Thus, Singapore city makes you engaged in many activities without even wasting your leisure time.


What To Look For When Purchasing An Anti-Theft Backpack?

PinitCheap anti theft backpacks from here
An Anti theft bags for travel, are basically backpacks that have various built in features to help protect your personal belongings as well as your electronic information. When travelling the last thing you want to be concerned about is whether or not your belongings are going to be stolen. Having one of the anti theft backpack options goes a long way to give you peace of mind during your trip.

Let us discuss some features to be considered while buying an anti-theft backpack:


Secret Pockets: Most of the anti-theft backpacks have hidden compartments present either internally or outside of your backpack. This is to provide you an additional protection from thieves.

RFID Protection: Bank cards, passports and government-issued identity cards will be your most important possessions. Whenever you carry these things, make sure you are using an anti-theft backpack with RFID protecting Holders.

Lock: Some of the anti-theft backpacks come with a feature of lockable zippers.

Slash-Proof Construction: Most of the anti-theft backpacks are made with super durable fabric to avoid thieves who use knives to slash open backpacks to physically steal your items.

YKK zippers: Check for good quality zippers available in your backpack. YKK is high quality zipper made in Japan, hence provides security.

Water-Proof: A water-proof anti-theft backpack protect your items form rainy weather or accidental spillages.


A top anti theft backpack come in all different sizes and most of you think like smaller backpacks are better to keep your things safe. But even larger backpacks have got many inner and outer hidden compartments to keep your things safe from thieves. Depending on your use, tell the size of a backpack and get your well-suited backpack.


An anti-theft backpacks got hidden compartments. They attached inside or outside of your backpack. Internal compartments are important not just to keep your things safe, but to keep them organized to. In case you are carrying laptop with you for journey, check the laptop size and get your backpack accordingly.

Straps and Handles:

The main things to check at straps are padding, breathable fabric, adjustable and can be placed in suitcase handle while you are traveling overseas. Carry handles also aid in putting your back in overhead plane lockers as well as on buses.

The above things need to be considered while purchasing an anti-theft backpack.


Spain Holiday Guide

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Spain is a great country and has a lot of great things about it. It is also no doubt one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing holiday whether you go by yourself, or with friends and family. There are many great places that you should not miss out, when you’re enjoying your vacation in Spain. Apart from visiting places, there are many other things that you can do in Spain to enjoy that much anticipated vacation. However, if you are not yet aware of what they are, then here is a holiday guide to brief you about all.

What to do In Spain

Spain is a diverse country with many great cities of which some of them are popular tourist hotspots. Whether you crave for a time on the beach, an adventure with history, or to enjoy a different form of nightlife, then Spain has it all. What you should try doing in Spain is enjoying the history it boasts. Spain has numerous historical and world heritage sights that you may want to go to seeing that Spain has a very rich history, once even becoming the most powerful empire in the world. If what you crave for is an adventure, Spain also has a wide range of terrain such as lush meadows, snowy mountains, huge marshes, or even deserts if you prefer. Seeking nightlife is the easiest thing to do as hotspots such as Madrid or Barcelona would definitely have them. You may also want to shop while you’re in Spain seeing that Spain is known to house some of the world’s most renowned designer brands.

What to See

Never waste your time when you are vacationing in Spain. Wherever you are in Spain, there are always places to see near you. Spain has a lot of historic sites as well as world heritage sites ranking second-largest in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, second only to Italy. If you’re done enjoying the vibrant lifestyle, then it’s time to get around. Try going to the popular heritage sites in Spain and it is recommended that you do visit Madrid where there are fantastic museums and great architecture.

If what you enjoy the beaches and modern side of Spain, then Barcelona is the place for you. Then Granada is a stunning city in the south which is surrounded by the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada where you can enjoy hiking. There are indeed a lot of things that you can see all over Spain and one guide is never enough to tell you all of them. Though these may just seem few, these places still guarantee that they’ll give you an enjoying and exciting vacation holiday.

Events That You Should Not Miss

Spain hosts numerous events ranging from cultural ones to sporting events most importantly, soccer matches. Nevertheless, the standard events that occur in Spain are often held from April to May mostly related to Catholic holidays. Try going there during fiestas such as the Fiesta de San Isidro during May 15 which is held in Madrid to celebrate its patron saint. Holy week is probably the most important event that you may want to see in Spain. In addition to these, there are also carnivals that are best in Cadiz, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and many more events.

Shopping and Nightlife

Spain boasts the fact that it can grant you a great shopping experience. Did you know that a lot of the world’s leading fashion designer brands are based in Spain specifically in Barcelona? Well, if you’re looking to buy some fashion items such as clothing or shoes, then it is highly recommended that you shop in Barcelona where most of the big stores are. There you will find a wide range of selections that you can choose from. Spain also has a very interesting nightlife as it has a lot of nightclubs and bars mostly found in the big cities. Again, the city which is known for the best nightlife is once again, Barcelona. Since Barcelona is considered to be where the modern Spain can truly be seen, there’s no doubt nightclubs and bars can be found almost everywhere.


Spain has a very diverse weather and climate due to the different terrain it has. These two mainly depends on your location. The climate is divided into four different zones namely the Atlantic, Continental Mediterranean, Mediterranean, and Subtropical. Here are the standard temperatures for each of them:

  • Atlantic: 9 Degrees Celsius (Winter); 18 Degrees Celsius (Summer)
  • Continental Mediterranean: -15 Degrees Celsius(Winter); -24 Degrees Celsius (Summer)
  • Mediterranean: 11 Degrees Celsius (Winter); 23 Degrees Celsius (Summer)
  • Subtropical Climate: 14 Degrees Celsius (Winter); 22 Degrees Celsius (Summer)

These should briefly guide you during your holiday in Spain. Just remember to always be safe and search out for more information based on your interest and purpose of holiday.


Motorcoach for Traveling

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Motorcoach for traveling is a great way to spend some quality relaxation while touring some of the most picturesque parks that you have been waiting to happen. Imagine taking a tour without the need to take on the wheel for a change. You will be able to enjoy more of the scenic views when you are just sitting and sighing at the breath taking travel that you are having.

There are lots of motorcoach tour services that are available to choose from. You can browse the net and see which motorcoach package is best for you. You can also make some comparison to see which one is the right one to take. Most people take advantage of the opportunity by bringing the whole family along and perhaps some friends. Some Motorcoach parks travel may even offer group discounts that can make everything more fun.

When you inquire, you can also ask for the itineraries of the trip and the schedule before the planned trip so that you will be able to arrange everything accordingly. While you’re at it, why don’t you ask for any special rates as well, that way you would be able to stretch your spending to something else if you need to. There are lots of available motorcoach travels so don’t limit yourself to only one choice, you can inquire with different available services and make a careful decision. You can ask for your family’s opinion to make the travel even more worthwhile.

Lots of people prefer taking the motorcoach for traveling to have maximum enjoyment especially for the one who is always the designated driver in any family event. Isn’t it nice to sit back and relax while enjoying the scenic view that is right before your eyes? Even the kids enjoy having the trip. It can only happen once in a long while so make sure that you will all have great time together.

Traveling can really teach a lot of good stuffs not just for the kids but for the teens and adults as well. The learning experience that can be gained from traveling won’t be found in any book and it can broaden the horizon of anyone who takes the trip to some unfamiliar territories. It is once said that experience is the best teacher and one who learns form experience will certainly remember them because they witnessed it with their own eyes, feel them with their heart, and breathe the air of the scene itself.


Myrtle Beach

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Holiday in a beach hotel is something that everyone looks forward to. You have plentiful option to choose from the cheap hotels as there are multiple hotels who offer exciting prices. While you enjoy your stay here, few things cannot be missed in Myrtle Beach.

Water activities: Water parks is something that can be fun to anyone regardless the age. This the reason why there are wide range of waterslides, banana boat rides, jet skiing, parasailing and other activities offered by the local parks. If you are a quiet and patient person, you can try your hand in fishing as well. You can choose a fishing boat to help you with this.

Photography: Another biggest attraction of the Myrtle Beach is the huge natural side of it, revealing ample opportunities that will leave you stick to your camera.

Golf Courses: If you are a golf lover then you will be amused at the massive range of golf courses which run over 100 courses. Few of these courses have been published as “Best You Can Play” in golf week and few have been chosen into “Top 100 Public Courses in America” by Golf Digest. You can choose to play these courses according to your expertise and skill.

Entertainment for all: If you are on a family vacation, you need to choose something for all. With little research around the beach, you will be able to find music, comedy shows, concerts, movies and much more. If you want to eat out anywhere other than the where you stayed, then you can try one of the Dinner Theaters.



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Vodafone tendrá que hacer frente a unas indemnizaciones cuyo coste global alcanza la cantidad de 3.188.988 euros

La sentencia impone para el cálculo de las indemnizaciones una Orden del Ministerio de Presidencia que ya estaba en vigor cuando se produjo el apagón y que Vodafone se negó a aplicar

Ausbanc va a solicitar la ejecución provisional de la sentencia y pide a todos los usuarios con derecho a indemnización que la cobren por pequeña que sea para evitar que casos como este se repitan en el futuro

El Juzgado de Primera Instancia nº 3 de Alcobendas ha estimado íntegramente las demandas interpuestas por la Asociación de Usuarios de Servicios Bancarios ( Ausbanc Consumo ) y la Asociación de Usuarios de Servicios Financieros ( Ausbanc Empresas ) y condena a Vodafone a indemnizar a todos sus clientes de telefonía movil a fecha 20 de febrero de 2003 que fueron afectados por el corte injustificado del servicio que padecieron aquel día y que el juez estima en 9 horas. Asimismo establece la forma de calcular la indemnización y le obliga a tener en sus oficinas comerciales impresos que faciliten el trámite para el cobro de las indemnizaciones.

Se trata, sin exagerar, de la sentencia más importante en la historia del mundo del consumo:

a).-Porque beneficia a personas de distintos ámbitos de la vida española (jóvenes, mayores, ancianos, autónomos, profesionales, pequeños empresarios, grandes empresarios, etc).

b).- Porque beneficia a numerosas empresas

c).- Por el número de beneficiados que supera los 8 millones y medio de usuarios, cuando hasta ahora la sentencia más importante era la dictada contra Caja Madrid por el redondeo al alza en sus préstamos de garantía hipotecaria a tipo de interés variable que afectaba a 270 mil familias.

d).- Por la relevancia de la empresa condenada. Vodafone se califica a si misma como la empresa de telefonía móvil más importante del mundo. Está, implantada en cuatro continentes: Europa (Reino Unido, Alemania, Italia, España, Albania, Grecia, Hungria, Irlanda, Malta, Holanda, Portugal, Suecia, Bélgica, Francia, Polonia, Rumania, Suiza), África (Egipto, Kenia, República Sudafricana), América (Estados Unidos) y Asia (Japón, China, Australia, Nueva Zelanda e Islas Fiji), con casi 12 millones de clientes actualmente en España y 165 millones en el mundo, con una facturación global que supera los 60 mil millones de euros.

e).-Porque esta resolución judicial evidencia que España es un Estado de Derecho con unas normas de protección al consumidor que deben cumplirse por parte de todos, sin que importe el poder de la empresa demandada.

Ausbanc Consumo días después de producirse la interrupción del servicio de telefonía móvil de Vodafone convocó el 27 de febrero una rueda de prensa en la que participaron como invitados representantes de otras organizaciones de autónomos y pequeños y medianos empresarios como ATA, UPTA y CECOMA así como letrados de Ausbanc Empresas . En este acto se recordó que el artículo décimo, párrafo primero de la Orden del Ministerio de Presidencia 361/2002 , de 14 de febrero, que desarrolla, en lo relativo a los derechos de los usuarios, el título IV del Real Decreto 1736/1998 , preveía la situación planteada estableciendo en estos casos una indemnización para los afectados y la forma de calcularla:

“ Cuando se produzcan interrupciones temporales del servicio telefónico disponible al público, el operador deberá indemnizar al abonado con una cantidad que será, al menos, igual al promedio del importe facturado por este servicio durante los tres meses anteriores a la interrupción, prorrateado por el período en el que se efectúe la interrupción. El contrato de abono del servicio telefónico deberá recoger los términos y condiciones en que se dará cumplimiento a esta obligación”.

Y esta es justamente la disposición, vigente ya el día del corte del servicio, que impone el juez para el cálculo de las indemnizaciones, a efecto de las cuales tienen derecho todos los particulares o empresas con contrato en vigor el día 20 de febrero de 2003, incluidos los de prepago. En su momento, Vodafone pudo aplicar esta norma y no lo hizo maquinando una pretendida compensación no ajustada a derecho y que el Consejero Delegado, Francisco Román , afirmó, contaba con la aprobación de la administración y las asociaciones de consumidores. No era verdad. La administración no puede ir contra las propias normas que elabora y, al menos, no todas las asociaciones de consumidores habían dado su visto bueno – la demanda de Ausbanc y la sentencia son la muestra -, ni tampoco las de autónomos y pymes. En un Estado de Derecho hay que ser respetuoso con la normativa y no adoptar conductas arbitrarias decidiendo unilateralmente a quien, como, cuanto, donde y en que forma se van a realizar indemnizaciones a las que tienen derecho los clientes.

Según la sentencia y en base a la facturación de Vodafone en los tres meses anteriores a la interrupción del servicio, deducidos de las cifras de sus balances, el importe global de las indemnizaciones supera los 3 millones de euros (3.188.988). Claro que si el apagón se produjera hoy, lo que no se descarta sobre todo en lugares de gran afluencia turística, el coste sería mayor y alcanzaría los 5.299.992 euros Cierto es que si se consideran individualmente, las cantidades no son importantes. Así un autónomo o pequeña o mediana empresa que consuma una media de mil euros al mes tendrá derecho a una compensación de 12.51 euros, mientras que un particular cuyo consumo sea de 300 euros mensuales tendrá derecho a 3.51 euros (Ver cuadros adjuntos). Estas cantidades pequeñas inhiben a los usuarios a presentar demandas individualizadas y facilitan actitudes abusivas por parte de las empresas. Sin embargo, la legislación española prevee las acciones colectivas que permiten agrupar los intereses de estos afectados, como la llevada a efecto por Ausbanc Consumo y Ausbanc Empresas . La sentencia, en este sentido, tiene un gran valor ya que le recuerda a Vodafone que debe ofrecer un servicio de calidad y que en relación con sus clientes debe cumplir estrictamente con las dispociones establecidas.

Ausbanc ya ha hecho su trabajo y lo seguirá haciendo. Ahora solicitará la ejecución provisional de la sentencia e invita a todos los afectados con derecho a indemnización que la cobren por pequeña que sea. De esta forma se estará pidiendo a Vodafone respeto y las inversiones necesarias para recibir el servicio de calidad al que tenemos derecho.



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El Registro tiene como finalidad evitar que pólizas con la cobertura de fallecimiento se queden sin cobrar por desconocimiento de los herederos o beneficiarios

Ausbanc Internacional apoyará estratégicamente al organismo público mejicano en la creación del Registro

Luis Pineda se entrevista con la cúpula de los bancos españoles establecidos en Méjico

La Condusef ( (Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros) tramitará la creación de un Registro Único de Seguros de Vida, tras la propuesta realizada por el presidente de Ausbanc Internacional, Luis Pineda, durante su visita a Ciudad de Méjico para estrechar lazos institucionales con este organismo público mejicano, recientemente adherido a la red profesional de información, impulso legislativo, y protección a usuarios y consumidores promovida desde España por Ausbanc Consumo.

El Registro Único de Seguros de Vida tiene como finalidad evitar que pólizas con la cobertura de fallecicimiento se queden sin cobrar por desconocimiento de los herederos o beneficiarios. En España, Ausbanc Consumo hizo pública esta necesidad social tras comprobar que muchos seguros se quedaban sin cobrar y lanzó la idea de la creación del Registro. Ausbanc Internacional prestará su apoyo estratégico a la Condusef en la definición y puesta en marcha del Registro Único de Seguros de Vida en Méjico.

Luis Pineda pasó por Méjico tras su permanencia en Cali (Colombia) para presidir las “IV Jornadas de Ausbanc Internacional” que se han celebrado con la colaboración de la Universidad del Valle y en las cuales la Condusef tuvo un rol importante con las intervenciones de su vicepresidente jurídico Alfonso Rivera. Durante su estancia, Pineda, ha mantenido interesantes reuniones de trabajo con distintos departamentos de la Condusef.

Servicios Jurídicos

El Vicepresidente Jurídico del organismo público mejicano, Lic. Alfonso Rivera Domínguez, recibió en la sede principal de la Condusef al presidente de Ausbanc Internacional, Luis Pineda, y al Director de Relaciones Institucionales de Ausbanc, Hermenegildo García, que le acompaña en este viaje. Tras un acto protocolario de bienvenida, presentó oficialmente a su equipo, con el que estaba prevista una reunión de trabajo. El Lic. Rafael Avante Juárez., Director General Jurídico Ejecutivo y la Lic. Jehyzel Gutiérrez Montoya, subdirectora de contratos, fueron los moderadores del encuentro en el que participaron otros cuatro abogados de los servicios jurídicos de la Condusef.

Se trataron diversos asuntos, todos ellos importantes, aunque algunos fueron objeto de un análisis más detenido. Hubo intercambio de información sobre subrogación de créditos hipotecarios, aranceles notariales, tarjetas de crédito y consumos no reconocidos. El equipo jurídico de la Condusef hizo especial hincapié sobre la relación directa existente entre el consumo financiero y el patrimonio de las personas. Asimismo, Luis Pineda esbozó las inquietudes y objetivos de Ausbanc Internacional y la necesidad de unir esfuerzos, criterios y estrategias para conseguir una cada vez más fuerte organización que sea una referencia válida a nivel internacional tanto para las empresas como para los consumidores. Especial atención merecieron la propuesta hecha por el presidente de Ausbanc Internacional para la implantación en Méjico del Registro Unico de Seguros de Vida, idea que ha sido asumida por la Condusef con el propósito de impulsar su implantación en Méjico, y el contenido de la Declaración Universal de Derechos de Usuarios de Servicios Bancarios y Financieros que será presentada en el mes de septiembre durante la celebración de las “V Jornadas de Ausbanc Internacional” en Salamanca, acto considerado como preparatorio a la cumbre de Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno Latinoamericanos prevista para el mes de octubre en esta ciudad castellano leonesa. Por otro lado, se hizo entrega a Luis Pineda de una copia del informe de la Sociedad de Oftalmología de México sobre el tamaño mínimo que debiera tener la “letra pequeña” de los contratos bancarios y financieros para que los textos sean de fácil lectura, objetivo que persigue la Condusef.

Promoción y Cultura Financiera

La imperiosa necesidad de transmitir información al ciudadano para que conozca sus obligaciones y derechos y la manera más eficaz de hacerlo fue uno de los asuntos que Luis Pineda trató con el Licenciado José Raúl Montalvo Ferráez, Director General de Promoción y de la Cultura Financiera de la Condusef en un intenso intercambio de opiniones.. La Condusef edita numerosos folletos y una revista, “Proteja su dinero” de circulación nacional. Ausbanc, por su parte, tiene también una importante experiencia editorial con la revista “Ausbanc” , el periódico “Mercado de Dinero” y la separata “Justicia y Derecho”. También el presidente de Ausbanc Internacional tuvo ocasión de conversar con el Lic. Alfredo Nolasco, Director General de Comunicación Social, quien le comentó el papel que desempeña su departamento.

Oscar Levin, presidente de la Condusef

El encuentro de Luis Pineda con el presidente de la Condusef, Oscar Levin Coppel, fue muy afectuoso debido a la empatía existente entre los dos dirigentes. Ambos ratificaron su deseo de intensificar la colaboración del organismo mejicano con Ausbanc Internacional mediante intercambio de información, acciones conjuntas y apoyo mutuo a iniciativas que tengan por finalidad mejorar la transparencia del mercado y la protección al consumidor. Oscar Levin se reveló como un magnífico anfitrión consiguiendo que la permanencia de Pineda en Méjico no fuera solamente una sucesión de sesiones de trabajo.

Luis Pineda en los medios de comunicación

La presencia de Luis Pineda en los países latinoamericanos suele provocar gran expectación. Méjico no ha sido la excepción. Distintos medios se han interesado por la presencia y los objetivos de la visita del presidente de Ausbanc Internacional. Así fue entrevistado por el periodistas Iñaki Manero en el programa de radio “Panorama informativo”, de la cadena Grupo Acir.

También es objeto de una entrevista en el programa de radio “Casa, vestido y sustento”, producido por la periodistas Laura Mendo y presntado por Carlos Cuellar y Gabriela Tapia, todos ellos miembros de una asociación de consumidores que, a través de este espacio de radio, intentan cubrir todas las facetas del consumo.

Pineda también compareció en el programa “Fórmula financiera”, de la Cadena Radiofórmula y Telefórmula. La entrevista se retransmitió en directo por radio y posteriormente retransmitida en TV por cable. Este programa es uno de los de mayor audiencia y goza de gran prestigio entre la clase económica y dirigente de México. Está llevado por cuatro periodistas especializados en economía que se hacen llamar “Los alebrijes” (un alebrije es una marioneta típica mexicana, elaborada artesanalmente, que representa hitos culturales del país). Los presentadores, Mari Carmen Cortés, David Páramo, Marco Antonio Mares y José Yuste son muy agresivos y apenas dejan títere con cabeza. Todos ellos tienen columnas en distintos medios impresos, algunos de los cuales reflejaron en sus columnas la entrevista con Luis Pineda.

El Director de Publicaciones de la Condusef, Angel Valtierra Matus, mantuvo una interesante conversación con el presidente de Ausbanc Internacional que se verá reflejada en un próximo número de la revista “Proteja du Dinero”. Además, publicaciones como “Diario Monitor” o “El Economista” dejaron constancia de la visita de Luis Pineda a Ciudad de Méjico.

Reunión con la banca mejicana

Uno de los propósitos de esta visita de Luis Pineda era tener información de primera mano sobre la estructura y el funcionamiento de la banca en Méjico y por ello se concertaron reuniones con las entidades filiales en este país de los dos bancos más importantes de España
Banco Santander Serfin

En la sede central de Banco Santander Serfin de Méjico, el presidente de Ausbanc Internacional es recibido por la cúpula directiva de la entidad. En la reunión participan Marcos Martínez Gavica, director general de la institución y presidente de la Asociación de Bancos de México;Alfredo Acevedo Rivas, Asesor General Jurídico; y Marcos Ramírez Miguel, Director General de Banca Mayorista.

Luis Pineda muestra su interés por conocer las particularidades del funcionamiento de la banca mejicana y especialmente las del Banco Santander Serfin. Asimismo explica cuales son las principales características de la actuación de Ausbanc Consumo en España y las pretensiones del movimiento que lidera, Ausbanc Internacional. De igual manera establece un paralelismo entre las actividades que desarrolla la Condusef en Méjico con las de la asociación española, aunque deja claro que Ausbanc Consumo es una organización profesional sin ánimo de lucro de carácter privado.


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